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NOVA 'E-Nursing' – The Complete Nursing Home Care Management System


NOVA ‘E-Nursing’ – The Complete Nursing Home Care Management System

NOVA e-Nursing software provides an invaluable tool in the organisational and management of nursing home and residential care.  This system has been specially designed and developed to address both the clinical and provider’s needs. The software is easy to configure and given it’s unique bespoke capabilities has considerable scope for further adaptations to meet the individual needs of our customers.

This system has been designed to reflect the needs of nursing homes and residential care settings, consequently HIQA compliance has been paramount throughout the development phase.  This easy to navigate system provides the fundamentals associated with ‘typical’ electronic clinical management systems, resident information, nursing and medical details, assessment and care planning, progress note entries, risk and incident management, medication management, however given our reliance of clinical input and suggestions we are proud to offer a whole lot more.

Highlights of the e-Nursing Software

In summary, NOVA e-Nursing home care management system offers nine clinical inspired modules which drive improvements in resident care and services.

The categories are as follows:

NOVA Human Resource Management System provides an interactive HR framework aimed at improving efficiency and regulatory compliance requirements. This system provides effortless structure and enhances organisation to roster management, allocation, staff leave, duty requests and training. This module also  has a unique staff performance management and education component, allowing each staff member’s entries and reassessments to be filtered and reviewed in isolation”.

Resident Management System: It is essential that resident information is accessible, accurate and constructive, facilitating an effective and concise communication tool. NOVA is designed to streamline clinical entries, avoid unnecessary entry duplications and subsequent inconsistencies. Our unique assessment process means that you generate individualised and meaningful care plans as you go.

Resident Family Management System: As well as a communication and database information tool, this system ensures that all feedback, comments, complaints and compliments are recorded and monitored in an effective manner. Facilitating the expectation that complaints and concerns are acted upon in a timely, supportive and effective manner.

GP or Consultant Management System: A unique GP monitoring and communication service, improving time management and resident outcomes. Ranging from user-friendly software to live customer support, the system can be used to manage GP visits, alert GP’s to accidents, incidents, medication reviews, clinical requests and laboratory reporting – and that is just for starters.

Admin-Security –  Information usage is a fundamental component of nursing home management and a pivotal HIQA expectation. The system helps to maintain and control user access and track changes, whilst ensuring secure and confidential data entry and collection which is fully compliant with GDPR.

Care Assessment Manager: This system provides exceptional templates for formal and informal individual resident assessment. Generating individualised assessments based on informative and clinically designed templates, thus promoting individual centred care and consistency.

Care Plan Manager: Automatically generating individualised care plans based on the individual care assessment entries, thus promoting individualised care and consistency. This system provides clinically led hints and tips to additional care planning formation, ensuring nurses are upskilled rather than deskilled.  Additional care plan templates are available to meet the more complex care needs or to assist in the induction and professional development of newly qualified/employed nurses and Care Staff.

Auditing Module – HIQA quarterly and annual reports, in addition to internal KPI auditing are essential tools in monitoring and analysing the quality care and services. NOVA Report Module streamlines auditing and report writing by filtering relevant information and processing it into a meaningful, secure and concise report ready for distribution.

Quality and Management Reporting: The clinical influence on the development of the NOVA e-nursing system is evident when you review the unique benefits of the quality and management report system. This system allows you to enter data in a meaningful, efficient and constructive manner, no more repetitive entries. The information is then transformed into meaningful reports which can effectively contribute in a range of ways, from the day to day organisation of resident care needs and KPI monitoring, to HIQA quarterly and annual report writing.

Benefits of NOVA e-Nursing, the Complete Nursing Home Care Software for Clinical and Financial Management in Home Nursing and Residential Settings

Regulatory Legislation and Care Standards place great emphasis on both the clinical and financial responsibilities the provider and Director of Nursing has to the residents and their families, each carrying equal importance.

NOVA offers a reliable system to ensure these expectations can be achieved and audited in an open and transparent manner. NOVA offers basic and practical solutions such as secure and confidential electronic storage of records, easy access to archived records, eliminates “missing paper documents” and omissions, alongside the ability to run complex analysis of clinical and financial auditing tools at the touch of a button.

There are a number of electronic systems on the market which profess to adequately meet the accountancy, financial, invoicing and budgetary needs of a nursing home setting, however quite often there is considerable time and financial constraints attached to such systems. NOVA is different, our approach to the financial aspect of our system mirrors out commitment to our clinical design.  We believe in a straight forward, efficient and effective approach.  We have listened to our customers and understand that we needed to prioritise a “smart process approach” throughout the development stages of NOVA.  We sincerely believe that our product will exceed your financial and clinical management expectations, without the confusion and unnecessary costs.

Key Features of Clinical and Financial Document Management System

  • Stress-free implementation and management.
  • Automatic information transfer reduces duplicate entries
  • Reduction in human error, alert systems in place to ensure potential errors are highlighted prior to saving
  • Clinicians spend less time behind the computer and more time in front of the residents, enabling a proactive approach to care and service improvements
  • Regulatory compliance has been considered and incorporated throughout the design process, facilitating legislation expectations in relation to financial and clinical record keeping.
  • The NOVA system is considerably less expensive and more cost effective than the leading electronic systems currently on the market, despite offering a more advanced and bespoke system.
  • NOVA offers an individualised service and therefore can easily integrate our system with your existing systems, reducing inconvenience and down time.
  • Information Governance, we exceed legislation expectations in relation to the secure and safe storage of confidential information.
  • Clinical and financial documents can be stored and accessed in a fast and efficient manner.
  • The concise and easy to use format allows all stakeholders and MDT to access information quickly, ensuring consistency in the provision of care and services.
  • Remote, safe and secure access to this system means that managers/providers can gain immediate access during incident or crisis management situations.
  • Data entry can be made on the centralised computer system, in addition to the ‘handy tablets’ that can be hand held or placed at the most accessible areas for care staff. Carers can update their clinical entries during the shift which allows nurses and mangers to have a live and up to date account of residents’ care outcomes.

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