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E-Nursing Program (ENP) designed by Nova Health Care Management Systems is an advanced Care Management software to assist Nursing Home Providers to effectively manage and streamline the most time-consuming administrative aspects of day to day recording and reports relating to the legislative and daily care aspects of service provision in a nursing home environment.

What Are the Advantages Of e-Nursing (ENP) Programme?

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Nova e-Nursing provides a complete nursing home care software management system designed and developed specifically for Nursing Homes and Care Providers. The system is easy to learn, scalable from small to large nursing homes and is compliant with all Health Care Regulations, HIQA standards and GDPR.

Unlike other nursing home care software management systems, e-Nursing is easily configurable to meet the needs of individual nursing homes and our platform offers cutting edge technology with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface with ease of integration across different systems used within the nursing home sector.

It is completely user-friendly with an integrated self-training tool and our goal is to minimise the administrative and documentation burden on the clinical team thereby allowing more time to deliver quality person-centred care to your valuable clients.

Colour graphics and design for ease of access. It will assist providers to implement and adhere to internal Policies and Standards of individual or group nursing homes.

In addition to enhancing the Time-Management of Nursing, Clinical, Care and Ancillary Staff, our Nova e-Nursing Programme allows the Provider, Management Team, Administration and Finance Staff, to easily access and share information and reports.

Fully compliant with HIQA regulations and GDPR legislation.

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eNursing Modules

Nova e-Nursing is a comprehensive and user-friendly enhanced management software package also includes an effective time-saving program to assist in all administration, reporting, maintenance, and management aspects of care service.

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Our standard working hours are Monday to Friday 9:30 to 05:00, however we understand the industry, so our Support Team is active 24/7. Customers can send non-urgent support requests, via email and our support representative will revert back to you within 24 hours.

Training: Our training is tailor-made to suit each user category. No matter whether your staff members are computer experts or beginners, our best quality training programs and ongoing continuous guidance is structured in a way to meet all user requirements.

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