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"Empower Compliance, Elevate Care: Introducing eNursing's Comprehensive Compliance Module"!

Compliance Module

Discover the ultimate solution for comprehensive compliance management with our innovative Compliance Module. From Fire Safety to Infection Control, our module is your one-stop destination for ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. Seamlessly navigate through features such as Comprehensive Audit, Nutrition guidance, and Facility Management tools, while staying updated with Policy and Procedure guidelines, Training resources, and Maintenance logs. Elevate your facility’s standards with our intuitive platform, designed to streamline compliance processes and enhance operational efficiency.

Experience the future of compliance management with our dynamic Compliance Module. Whether it’s managing Fire Safety protocols or optimizing Infection Control measures, our module provides a comprehensive suite of tools to meet your facility’s needs. With features including Comprehensive Audit capabilities, Nutrition guidance, and Facility Management tools, alongside Policy and Procedure guidelines, Training resources, and Maintenance logs, our solution empowers healthcare professionals to uphold regulatory standards effortlessly. Stay ahead of compliance requirements and drive excellence within your organization with our user-friendly

  • Fire Safety Module: Manage and monitor all fire related elements online. Define compartments, fire exits and all fire elements used in your centre and keep record of daily/weekly in-house checks. Maintain records of all quarterly/6 monthly and annual fire element services and get reminders when these services are due. system will generate QR code labels for all fire elements used in your centre, so staff can scan the QR code when they do safety checks, thus ensuring full compliance.
  • Comprehensive Audit module: Standard audit templates, option to add custom audits, audit annual planner, assign to a staff member, action plan, flags on effectiveness of action plans, QIP’s section, compare audit with in or between homes under same group and generate reports.
  • Nutrition module: nutrition analysis, allergen flagging, weekly schedule, daily menu TV dashboard and recipe factsheet.
  • Meeting module: Keep you on top of all meetings and action items. Set meeting templates, schedule meeting, send meeting invitation via email, text message, update meeting minutes with action items.
  • Facility management module: Allows centres to maintain inventory of all medical equipment used in your centre. Keep record of any faults, maintenance works and service records. Reminders when 6 monthly and annual services are due.
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines: Maintain all the PPG documents online so that staff can have easy access for reference. Publish policies to staff and receive read receipts using digital signatures. Generate read/acknowledge reports for all policies. Keep log of policy reviews and updates.
  • Training module: Manage all staff training records on the system. Customisable training matrix for both mandatory and non-mandatory trainings at the click of a button. See reminders when staff are due for mandatory training and plan trainings in advance.
  • Maintenance log: Introducing our website maintenance log – the comprehensive solution for consolidating all maintenance issues in one centralized platform. With user-friendly features, this tool allows you to efficiently allocate tasks to your in-house staff or external service providers. The maintenance log ensures a complete and transparent track record of all issues, keeping you informed and in control at all times.
  • Audit module: Shift from manual audit procedures to automation with the Nova Audit Solution. This innovative tool simplifies and accelerates the auditing process, offering management and quality teams instant, real-time insights into compliance across all departments.
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How it has helped

‘At First Glance You Wonder If This Is Complicated But Having Used The NOVA e-Nursing Platform – For The Past 4 Years – Life Could Not Be Easier. It Is So Simple To Collate And Access All HR And Administrative Information In One Place. Staff Rosters, Time Sheets, Employment Details And Individual Training Is There At The Click Of A Button!’


Human Resources & Administration

Key Features

  • HIQA compliant PEEP
  • QR code-based daily fire check option
  • QR code-based weekly fire check
  • Digital fire register
  • Option to upload fire certificate
  • Reminder for fire review dues
  • Incident reports
  • Meeting template
  • Meeting minutes with action items
  • Facility management
  • Maintenance log
  • Categorize policies
  • Review time stamp for policies
  • Option to send policies for read and acknowledge
  • Staff management
  • Staff training register
  • System-generated color-coded training matrix
  • Option to upload trainings
  • Comprehensive audit section
  • Annual audit planner
  • Custom audits
  • Option to upload external audits
  • QIP’s
  • Option to compare audits
  • Infection control
  • Chemical datasheet
  • Cleaning planner
  • QR code-based cleaning schedule
  • Kitchen planner
  • Nutrition management
  • Allergen and calorie indicators
  • Recipe dashboard with background music
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