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"A Seamless Evolution From Paper To Software"

Nova e-MAR

Electronic Care Solution, Care Management

Nova e-MAR Solution is designed and developed in Ireland to increase the accuracy of medication administration and to minimise human errors made in medication administration and dosage. It’s replaces paper MARs and helps to automate medication management and administration process electronically.  It is fully integrated to access by GP, Nursing homes, Pharmacy and dispensing software systems.

Nova e-MAR will generate real time notifications and alerts which allows nursing staff to accelerate medication administration times and eliminate errors. It’s provides staff with secure and easy access to resident medication reports, real time recording and reduces the risk of medication errors. The software helps staff to easily track the order and the delivery of medication.

How it has helped

Fabulous design, maximum efforts to reduce the data duplication. Excellent customer support, approachable, fast response via email or phone.

Abin Joseph

P.I.C/ Director of Nursing

Key Features

  • Designed and developed in Ireland
  • Portable and uses Touchscreen Technology
  • Easy to implement and simple to use.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Centralised Medication Data base.
  • e-Prescription.
  • 3-way real time communication with GP-NURSING HOME-PHARMACY.
  • Real time Notifications and alerts.
  • Drug accuracy and resident safety.
  • Improve Medication administration efficiency.
  • Integrated with eNursing care Management software .
  • Track medication order and delivery.
  • Medication reports.
  • Monthly and Daily Order.
  • Medication Review – Home ,Pharmacy and GP.
  • PRN Medication effectiveness report.
  • Medication administration app.
  • Medication Allergy Reports.
  • Medication assessments.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Feature to add complex dosage/frequency eg: tapering dose, special prescriptions etc.
  • Dashboard view for Medication review due.
  • Medication error reports.
  • Medication live administration report.
  • Online Medication Audit.
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