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E-Nursing – A Seamless Evolution From Paper To Software


E-Nursing – A Seamless Evolution From Paper To Software

The clinical, financial and resident expectations are continuously evolving within residential aged care. Subsequently managers and providers must find ways to streamline resources without compromising care and services. Developments in information technology have significantly contributed to this necessity and resulted in positive changes within the clinical settings. The introduction of electronic documentation has been one of the most significant improvements to date.

NOVA recognises that the evolution process from paper to a software system is inevitable, however we are also realistic in the support necessary to ensure a seamless and efficient transition.  Furthermore, we are committed in ensuring that there are definite financial and clinical benefits from using our system. NOVA e-Nursing software provides a methodological, yet user friendly approach to the management of clinical documentation, contributing to the quality of care, incident management, KPI performance management, auditing process, quality and HIQA reporting.  NOVA recognise that a successful electronic system must contribute positively to staff efficiency, assist in resource management, reduce the risk of documentation inconsistencies and actually reduce the time both nurses and managers actually spend at the computer.  NOVA e-Nursing has been inspired and guided by clinicians throughout development, we listened to the existing frustrations and concerns. Understanding the demanding managerial and clinical needs within nursing homes has been, and will continue to be a fundamental aspect of our product development, whilst demonstrating our sincere commitment to fostering a collaborative relationship with our customers.

The bespoke NOVA software facilitates complex analysis of previously time consuming tasks associated with administration, finance, human resources, training, KPI and auditing –  generating accurate reports and processing data effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of transitioning to NOVA e-Nursing Software Include:

  • Centralised and assessable clinical documentation, improving transparent and concise communication within the MDT.
  • Hospital Transfer Summary / Summary Care planning: time efficient approach to ensure you can prioritise your time clinically in an emergency or planned transfer situation.
  • NOVA accommodates ‘automated clinical information transfers’ which markedly reduces the need for duplicated entries and consequently the risk of inconsistencies within a resident’s clinical documentation.
  • Alerts / Notification: In addition to the ‘traditional alert/notification system’ NOVA allows for a variety of vital sign parameters to be set which will send an alert if the entries fall outside of these acceptable ranges.
  • Efficient training system: NOVA incorporates a user friendly navigation tool, assisting staff in familiarising themselves with the system, short cuts, suggestions and benefits.
  • Rapid system navigation and information retrieval, we understand time is of the essence.
  • Easy to learn: We appreciate some clinicians may not be “IT experts”, nor have they the time to become so, this system performs exceptionally well, despite the ‘easy’ to use and ‘common sense’ approach.
  • Overall productivity can be increased: NOVA allows concise and informative reports to be generated which impacts greatly on the daily clinical and routine demands on nurses. In addition to providing an invaluable assert in the analysis and formulisation of more complex end of month, quarter and annual management report writing and auditing.
  • Cost effectiveness: Historically financial constraints have impaired the growth of IT systems within some aged care settings. NOVA have taken this into consideration and are proud to introduce a clinically incomparable system, whilst addressing legitimate financial constraints within the industry.

These are just some of the unique and bespoke benefits of an IT system which has been inspired by clinicians for clinicians.

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